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zodiac boost:
element: water
power rating: 32k
× level: 60
attack: 813
health: 7,875
recovery: 775
crit chance: 0%
defense: 0%
feed value: 665
event bonus: +400% attack
Against Troop Wars Fire Troop Pets.

location: event grab event grab
added: v2.7.0
events: Troop Wars08-07-2018
Troop Wars10-10-2017
Troop Wars05-09-2017
Troop Wars10-18-2016
Troop Wars05-10-2016
Troop Wars03-01-2016
Troop Wars12-02-2015
Troop Wars09-21-2015
Troop Wars07-14-2015
Troop Wars03-24-2015
Troop Wars01-27-2015
Troop Wars12-09-2014
Troop Wars11-11-2014

Good thing dogs don’t sweat or it’d never get out of that icy shell.
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