Troop roster and event results for each ranger. Analyze the performance of each ranger for the last 10 events.

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troop flag Fuerza Full

2 rangers
Ranger Exodawn LIVE PVP League 3d ago Crystal Siege 5d ago PVP League 1w ago Dominion 1w ago PVP League 2w ago Serpenta's Ascension 2w ago PVP League 3w ago Battle Royale 3w ago PVP League 1mo ago
ranger avatar olivares21
335k 2d ago
0 0 parasoul 10,075th
0 icekite 10,595th
0 0 0 0 0
ranger avatar kotesita
262k 2d ago
0 0 wrathclaw 9,717th
0 huggopotamus 8,909th
0 grumpetal 10,029th
0 0 0
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